Custom Companions is owned and run by qualified Geelong dog trainer and behaviour therapist, Deb Fratantaro. Custom Companions Dog Training`

Dog Training and Behaviour Therapy
"Companionship, Custom Made."


Custom Companions Dog Training - Companionship, Custom Made


Puppy School classes are run at "to be announced".

During the 4 lessons, the puppies get lots of play time, learning how to socialise and interact with each other in an appropriate way. The puppies are all between 8 and 16 weeks old, and have had at least one vaccination. This 8-16 week period is a crucial learning and social development period in a dog's life. What they experience (or miss out on experiencing) during this time can affect their confidence levels and social interactions for life..

We cover the basic obedience commands, such as SIT, LIE DOWN, STAY and COME, as well as walking beside you on a lead. 

We talk about toilet training, nipping, chewing and any other behavioural problems people might be having. You'll receive some info about bathing, grooming, worming, vaccinating, feeding etc. 
We play some games and have some fun and you will receive a graduation certificate at the end of the course. 

The cost of the four week course is $85, which is payable in advance to hold your place. 


Location:  To be announced.
10am to 11am Saturday
Note: next course will be run subject to minimum numbers

Puppy Class


   Your puppy on a flat collar and leash (no choker chains)
   Your puppy's vaccination certificate for verification.
   Some small pieces of training treats, such as liver treats, 
        or Schmakos etc.
   A hungry puppy - no breaky on puppy school mornings
   A hat or jacket as needed, as a lot of our training is done

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Custom Companions Dog Training - Willow as a puppy


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Custom Companions Dog Training


Custom Companions Dog Training


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