Custom Companions is owned and run by qualified Geelong dog trainer and behaviour therapist, Deb Fratantaro. Custom Companions Dog Training`

Dog Training and Behaviour Therapy
"Companionship, Custom Made."




We provide one-on-one in home training which is beneficial for those who cannot attend regular classes, or want their whole family involved in the training. It is also more helpful to do these one-on-one sessions for dogs with behaviour problems, who might not easily be integrated into a class situation. Most problem behaviours can be resolved in as little as 2-3 sessions.


We use a variety of methods when helping you train your dog. We use positive reinforcement and treat training, a lot of dog psychology, and sometimes gentle compulsion. We do not use correction/choker chains. 

We will use the most appropriate method for you and your particular dog. One single method does not necessarily work for every dog, as they are all individual, just as we are. This is why some dogs ‘fail’ at doggy school – but it is not the dog who failed, it was simply that the training did not work for that dog.



Held Tues and Thurs evenings 6:45pm - 7:30pM
Lara Swimming Pool - rear carpark 

$18 per class 

Our aim is to educate owners and their dogs so as to ensure a friendly, sociable and well-mannered family pet which is welcome in the community. 

Dogs are taught correct behaviours and boundaries; they learn how to read social cues from other dogs and to respond in an appropriate way, and owners are educated on how to best handle their dogs in all situations. 

What will be covered: (please note that not every activity will be covered in every class. Classes will vary each week.)

~ Basic obedience - sit, down/drop, stay, come/recall, heel.
~ Focus exercises
~ Social manners
~ Body language
~ Games

Dogs must be aged 4 months or older 

What to bring to class:

~ Your dog on a flat collar or head halter (Black Dog or Gentle Leader brands preferred) No choker chains or harnesses please. (Sporn harness is ok as it sits differently to other harnesses, but check with me first please.)
~ A hungry doggy (nothing to eat for at least 3 hours prior to class) and some small pieces of treats. e.g. roast chicken, sausage, cabana, liver treats.
~ Covered shoes

Please "like" this page on Facebook so that you can keep up to date with any possible changes, and to let me know if you are attending class.

Due to limited numbers you MUST let me know if you would like attend or we may not be able to accommodate you and your dog in that class.

Custom Companions Dog Training

Custom Companions Dog Training

Custom Companions Dog Training - Duggie



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